Your own personal kitchen makeover!

Get a complete kitchen makeover for $250 (South Florida or Charlotte, NC areas only)
Get a Virtual Makeover for $125

This is the ideal program if you are looking to detoxify your kitchen and improve your health.

I will personally come to your home and detoxify your kitchen from the foods and products that are keeping you from reaching your desired health or weight-loss goals. Typically, pantry items are those which include the storing of boxes, cans, jars and other foods that may be affecting your health as well as the health of those you love around you in a negative way.

You will learn to identify what foods should be eliminated and what foods should be replaced by electing healthier options that not only taste delicious, but will also nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Cleaning out your kitchen is the first and most crucial step as you begin your journey towards vibrant health. Together we will create a clean kitchen structured for your new healthy lifestyle.

What it Includes...

This home visit consists of a 1-hour and 30-minute session where we detoxify your kitchen, pantry, and create an overall healthy living environment for you to thrive in. You will also receive various cheat sheets and handouts that will be highly beneficial to your success moving forward.

As a result of this program, you will...

·       gain an understanding of food labels and sneaky marketing ploys

·       gain an understanding of how food combinations affect your health

·       gain an understanding of how to apply food combinations for a healthy pH balance

·       understand the sad truth behind the foods you’ve been consuming

·       identify what foods and products should be eliminated and why

·       learn healthy and tasty alternatives for the foods that have been eliminated

·       learn how to keep a well-stocked pantry of healthy options

·       learn about safe non-toxic home cleaning products

·       learn the kitchen tool essentials that will benefit your experience

·       ultimately, create an overall healthy living environment to fit your new healthy lifestyle!

It's a Lifestyle investment

Ready to get started?

Be the example that those you love around you will follow!

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